Merge Worksheets in Excel

It’s no secret that I love Excel. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it now and I’m sure I’ll hum this tune again next week. Today I’m tackling a common problem that’s plagued office heroes for years. How do you merge multiple Excel worksheets into one master worksheet, automatically, and without macros or VBA? Down the line I’ll discuss other methods to… Read more →

Starting My Bilingual Summer

Christine Gilbert, author of the wonderful and inspiring travel lifestyle blog Almost Fearless, recently wrote about her intention to learn a new language this summer, and challenged her readers to join. Well, join and compete with her, using Duolingo, a free online language learning site promising no ads or hidden fees now and forever. That’s right, free, forever. I’ve been talking about learning a second… Read more →

Want Hotel Status and Upgrades? Just Ask.

OK first of all, the Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) program is amazing. In fact I’m comfortable declaring that it’s my hands-down favorite and the best loyalty rewards program I’ve ever used to date. The reasons are many, but I’ll save extolling these virtues for a later post. Before I go on gushing and retell how I achieved Platinum status in… Read more →

Downtown Toronto in the Distance

Save at Airports: Bring Your Empty Water Bottle

If you find yourself trudging through airports every week, as I often do, I don’t doubt you’ve noticed that bottled water doesn’t sell for less than $3. Quite often even that is cheap. Nearly ever week since January I’ve wandered through terminals searching for bottled water, and nearly every week I shout (in my head) “Damn, $4.50!” I’m sure this… Read more →

Toronto, Eh?

In January I joined a software engineering team on a project in Toronto, Ontario, for the first time departing from my warm, familiar Excel-modeling blanket. Until boarding that inaugural flight, creating Excel models was my one and only jam, my professional bread and butter. Changing career paths is a daunting endeavor – there are many unknowns, many self-doubts and a… Read more →

Grado iGi In-Ear Headphones Review

Santa was good to me this year. I’ll use the next few posts to talk about some of the shiny toys I’ve been playing with, but today I’d like to focus on my new headphones: Grado Labs iGi In-Ear Headphones. Grado Labs is a family owned company based out of Brooklyn, NY, probably best known for their award-winning on-ear style SR80i’s, which were also… Read more →

Dynamic Data Validation with Excel 2010 & 2013

It’s Christmas, and like many of you I find myself thinking about dynamic data validation using the structured tables that Microsoft introduced in Excel 2010. Welcome to my life. What’s Data Validation? When I say data validation I mean the ability to specify exactly what kind of data users may (or may not) enter into certain cells. This is particularly… Read more →