Let’s discuss why you’re here. You know why you’re here. I suspect Google brought you, or Bing, if you’re that person. It’s probably a weekday, you’re probably at work, paralyzed, drowning in your office, silently pleading for the clock to strike Freedom! I bet you searched for something related to Excel, maybe for reasons unrelated to your job, but probably for reasons related to your job, like how to compare two lists, or compare two lists, or compare two lists again. Or maybe you searched for how to merge worksheets in Excel. Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Big Hungry Geek is my personal muse. It’s my creative outlet where I share and write about things that I find interesting, like technology, productivity, and food. You may find that list an odd amalgamation of things to write about, but that’s my life in a few words. If I had to add another, it’d probably be beer.

Much of my writing for this site is the result of significant trial and error. It’s the piecing together of research conducted in pursuit of a solution to some problem or issue with whatever it is I’m doing or working on, whether that’s software (like Excel), or some productivity system (like GTD), etc. When I find a workable solution, I write about it so that others facing similar situations might save a little time and get back to whatever it is they were trying to do in the first place.

If you’re still reading at this point, what can I say? I should mention that all of the photographs on this blog were taken and edited by me, unless of course, I credit someone else, obviously. Oh, and also, some product links, if I tacitly support and/or use the product myself, may contain affiliate links that send some money or goods my way, but only if you buy the product.

So that’s that.

Your comments, feedback, and questions are always usually welcome, and I will do my best to respond. Feel free to email me at [email protected], leave a comment on any of my posts, or use the contact form below.