Mount ISO Images in Windows 8

Well, it took a long ass time but Windows users can finally do what Linux and Mac nerds have been able to do… for about as long as I can remember: mount ISO images without third-party tools. That’s right. Mounting ISO images in Windows 8 is as simple as right-clicking the ISO image file, then clicking Mount. ISO images are commonly used… Read more →

How to Restart, Shut Down & Sleep in Windows 8

Microsoft’s been pretty busy lately, releasing a substantially redesigned Windows 8 just last week and putting the final touches on Office 2013 to be released in Q1 2013. I just installed Windows 8 a few hours ago, so this first post will address something which has already given many people heartburn: how the hell do we restart this thing? Or shut… Read more →

Ditch the Mouse: Quickly Select Excel Ranges With Your Keyboard

I’m going to write a lot about ditching the mouse in favor of keyboard shortcuts, so consider this one of many to come. And while we’re at it, get used to me spamming this next sentence throughout my shortcut posts: Using keyboard commands over hunting and clicking with the mouse will save you time. Period. Next time you open Excel to manage a… Read more →

Flash Fill Create Names from Email Addresses

Excel 2013 Flash Fill

I’ve been playing around with the Excel 2013 preview, and damn. It’s nice. Excel newbs and ninjas alike will find Flash Fill – one feature new to Excel 2013 – intuitive, powerful and super convenient. Flash Fill takes the grunt work out of list-making and data manipulation, relying on clever algorithms to recognize patterns and complete your lists for you,… Read more →

Compare Two or More Lists in Excel with Conditional Formatting

I’ve recently posted two easy ways to compare two lists in Excel. One uses ISNA and MATCH and one IF and COUNTIF. I like both of these methods because they allow you to: Learn how to use and modify four powerful Excel functions Quickly apply AutoFilter to view just the missing values Easily manage and compare massive lists of data For shorter… Read more →

Compare Two or More Lists in Excel with IF and COUNTIF

As I previously discussed, Excel provides many useful ways to automatically compare two lists of data or information. In our other example we compared two lists of four digit account values; for this example we’ll compare two lists of names. You and a friend are throwing an epic party and have each maintained separate guest lists to track who’s coming.… Read more →

Compare Two or More Lists in Excel with ISNA and MATCH

People compare lists (or columns) of information all the time, and Excel provides several easy ways to it. In fact Microsoft sums up several real life examples quite nicely: For financial record-keeping, you often have to compare two lists to find data that appears on one but not on the other. Which new clients need to be added to the… Read more →