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Starting My Bilingual Summer

Christine Gilbert, author of the wonderful and inspiring travel lifestyle blog Almost Fearless, recently wrote about her intention to learn a new language this summer, and challenged her readers to join. Well, join and compete with her, using Duolingo, a free online language learning site promising no ads or hidden fees now and forever. That’s right, free, forever. I’ve been talking about learning a second… Read more →

Want Hotel Status and Upgrades? Just Ask.

OK first of all, the Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) program is amazing. In fact I’m comfortable declaring that it’s my hands-down favorite and the best loyalty rewards program I’ve ever used to date. The reasons are many, but I’ll save extolling these virtues for a later post. Before I go on gushing and retell how I achieved Platinum status in… Read more →

Downtown Toronto in the Distance

Save at Airports: Bring Your Empty Water Bottle

If you find yourself trudging through airports every week, as I often do, I don’t doubt you’ve noticed that bottled water doesn’t sell for less than $3. Quite often even that is cheap. Nearly ever week since January I’ve wandered through terminals searching for bottled water, and nearly every week I shout (in my head) “Damn, $4.50!” I’m sure this… Read more →

Toronto, Eh?

In January I joined a software engineering team on a project in Toronto, Ontario, for the first time departing from my warm, familiar Excel-modeling blanket. Until boarding that inaugural flight, creating Excel models was my one and only jam, my professional bread and butter. Changing career paths is a daunting endeavor – there are many unknowns, many self-doubts and a… Read more →