I simply refuse to write a proper About page. They’re boring and tedious and awful to read. In fact, if you find yourself reading this, stop. Please, stop. I’m begging. It’s neither thoughtfully well-written nor materially useful, insightful, clever, etc. Not that I couldn’t make it those things, I could. I’m damn clever and super insightful. People often say this about me. As proof here’s a clever little haiku:

modern machinery
macadamize fresh roads
stymie old masters

I told you I’m clever. That haiku perfectly and succinctly describes both the scope and purpose of this blog. I won’t explain it further.

Now, let’s discuss why you’re here. You know why you’re here. I suspect Google ferried you, or Bing, if you’re that guy. It’s probably a weekday, you’re probably paralyzed, at work, drowning in your office, silently pleading for the clock to strike Freedom! I bet you searched for something related to Excel, maybe for reasons unrelated to your job, or, if you’re an honest fellow, probably for reasons related to your job, like how to compare two lists, or compare two lists, or compare two lists again. Or maybe you searched for how to merge worksheets in Excel. Are you picking up on a theme here?

It should be quite obvious, I think, to any reader of sound mind and body, that in addition to being superbly insightful and rather clever, I write about technology, travel, productivity, and food. You may find that list an odd amalgamation of things to write so well about, but that’s my life in four words. If I had to add a fifth, it’d probably be “beer,” although an argument could certainly be made to include beer in the Top Four. In fact I vigorously make that argument several times a week, sometimes more (but never less).

If you’re still reading at this point, what can I say? It’s your fault, I warned you above. About pages are the worst, and this one, if not for that clever haiku, is barely an exception. But since you’re still here, I think I should mention that all of the photographs on this blog are mine, taken by me, and edited by me, unless of course I credit someone else, obviously. Oh, and also, some product links, if I tacitly support and/or use the product myself, may contain affiliate links that send some money or goods my way, but only if you buy the product.

So that’s that.